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Grocery shopping including purchasing twelve packages of ramen.

I still have several pounds of it left from last semester, I might even start getting creative with it.


Is it bad that between yesterday and today 4 of my meals have been ramen? 

Answer: No.

Question: What if 3 if the 4 times it was uncooked?

Answer: I am a sad, sad man.

Secret Santa Gifts


  • Glow in the dark dick straws
  • Anal beads


It’s not even about conscious thought. It’s about living with the ideas, excising with them, showering with them, allowing them as much time as possible to connect. Other people rush that process by trying to connect the dots for you. — a much smarter friend up here

i feel like a boss when i can

fix a friend’s website’s host’s issues across operating systems from literally half a world away in a ten minute phone conversation that the host couldn’t figure out in a half hour one.  maybe i should just quit school and go into IT.

(via ichatblog)

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You should tell him that all requests for dates need to pass through my office first.

i think he called me in front of her too.  also, i showed you her already

My boss just called

  • Me: Hey Mark whats up?
  • Mark: Hey Colin do you have a girlfriend?
  • Me: Not currently, why?
  • Mark: Then you should totally date [----]
  • Me: (Laughs really loudly) What??
  • Mark: No really, she's an awesome gal, you're an awesome, guy you totally should.
  • Me: (Laughs) Umm ok?
  • Mark: Seriously, you guys have all those like interests with tree climbing and rock and all. You could teach the Redwoods class together in California, it'd be so romantic!.....